Incentivizing users to complete a survey

Can I incentivize my users to complete a survey?

Yes, you can incentivize your users however you want in order to complete a survey.

How do I know how much I will earn upfront in order to prompt mu users accordingly?

You can listen to Pollfish listeners/notifications as described in the Documentation and see how much you will earn upfront before notifying the user. All prices are in USD cents.

How do I know if a user completed a survey?

There are several ways in order to track this. You can listen for relevant listeners/notifications as described in the Documentation. Moreover you can also set up a Server-to-Server postback call or just track them on your app's page on Pollfish Developer Dashboard ("Completed Surveys").

How to I implement incentivization in code, do you have any example?

Yes, if you are using Android please do check Pollfish Sample Project included in the SDK. Look for file

If you are using iOS please do check our Pollfish Sample Project on github where you can see an incentivized approach.

In general, you have to call Pollfish init function in custom mode and then immediately after that Pollfish hide. When a survey received notification is fired you should prompt your user accordingly in order to take a survey and if he/she decides to proceed you can call Pollfish show.


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