3rd Party Surveys

In an effort to increase the revenue opportunities available to our app partners, Pollfish is introducing 3rd party surveys. These surveys are not generated through the Pollfish DIY survey tool, nor do they come from Pollfish clients.  They arrive to us via partnerships we have formed with other 3rd party survey providers. Having said that, these surveys have some key differences from Pollfish Basic and Playful surveys.

Key differences:

  • They have a different look and feel from Pollfish Basic and Playful surveys (they do not follow the Pollfish mobile design).
  • Surveys are launched in an external browser outside of the context of the app, after an initial prompt.
  • 3rd Party surveys pay minimum $0.30 per completed survey and this price can go up to several dollars. It is expected that these surveys will have a quite higher PPS (pay per survey) on average, even than the Pollfish Basic survey format.




3rd party surveys can be disabled at any time through the Pollfish Developer Dashboard, without the need of any changes in code or updates in your app. Log into your Pollfish Developer Dashboard and in the section called  "SURVEY FORMATS SERVING IN YOUR APP", you can disable them easily, as you can see below:




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